Three Tips for Cheap International Airline Tickets

One of the most common questions I encounter from folks planning their international vacations is concerning what’s frequently the most expensive part of the trip — their airfare. It appears that, for many people, finding cheap tickets is establishing harder.

This isn’t always the case, though. If you follow the tips below, finding cheap international flight tickets do not need to be as tight as you’d think.

international flight tickets

1) Plan your trip for the off-peak period. Imagine you want to take that trip to Europe that you have always longed to make, but you find that your ticket to go in the summer is $1200. That price might be low for that time of year, but it isn’t necessarily cheap for Europe. The issue is that you’re planning this trip at the same time as families whose youngsters are on summer vacation, or college students on their summer holiday.

Instead of traveling in summer, consider going in the fall or winter, when fewer people are trying to do a similar thing as you – that is, move to Europe.

Even though there are fewer travelers, there are still airlines flying between those cities, and they will regularly have additional seats that they are ready to discount. It’s not uncommon, in truth, to find the ticket you are looking for in the summertime is half the price or less during the autumn or winter.

Part of your planning for your trip — without reference to the destination — should be figuring out what the peak and off-peak times of the target area. If you’re able to plan accordingly, you might find significant savings in your airfare.

2) Stay, a little bit longer. This may sound like an absurdity because you’re going to spend more for food and hotels if you do so. However, since most discounted fares have minimum stay wants, it can be cheaper to remain for five nights than for 3. (Just ensure that your airfare savings aren’t entirely eaten up by these extra costs!)

3) Be flexible with your dates and times. If you’re willing to fly a more strange route or on a red-eye flight, you can regularly find emptier flights and savings over the peak periods and routes. Also, check the encompassing days — you might see, as the sale fare is sold out on Friday, that you can leave Saturday instead and save hundreds of dollars.

By following these three tips, you could be well on your way to significant savings on your next international getaway


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